Lift doors

2SG is a historic company dedicated to the production, design and sale of automatic doors for lifts and freight elevators. The quality, functionality and durability of our solutions is greatly appreciated and guaranteed by over 40 years of work, obtaining the satisfaction of our customers.
Automatic lift doors are one of the most important components of any elevation system – as the point of entry and exit, they must be fast and safe but must also stand out in terms of their aesthetic characteristics, being fundamental in the architecture of the dwelling or building.
Our customers have installed our lift doors in newly-completed residential constructions, condominiums, offices and buildings, along with freight elevators for large volumes and dimensions.
The automatic lift doors are available in a wide range of options, created in various types of materials and are best combined with the aesthetics and architecture of the building in which they are installed. For this reason, 2SG offers its customers a wide selection of automatic landing doors, differing in terms of design and colour yet all united by the long service life, high-quality workmanship, coverings and customised details.
The countless design possibilities of an elevation system permit the installation of various locking solutions: 2SG is able to produce automatic 1- to 6-central or telescopic doors, designed to ensure easy installation for the assembler and minimal maintenance over time.
2SG is specialised in the design, production and manufacturing of various types of doors for lifts and freight elevators:

Automatic door mechanisms
Car doors and landing doors
Complete car doors and landing doors in compliance with EN81-20/50 directive
Fire-resistant doors EI120
Cabinets for hydraulic units and MRL